Sustainable urban development

It is estimated that the population of Helsinki capital region will grow 25% by the year 2040. Uusimaa region as a whole is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. The immigration has significant role in the population growth.

The growth of population demands new jobs and employment to be able to sustain the welfare mode through tax returns. Companies and municipalities need to renew their ways of working. Circular economy and climate change influence everything.

Helsinki-Uusimaa region offers unique setting for creating and developing urban solutions that are attractive also in the global markets and respond to the urbanisation mega trend.  

3UAS offers thematic platforms for citizens, municipalities, companies and universities/schools to co create urban solutions. We are an active partner in the urban ecosystem, who can apply research into practice. 

Themes: Carbon neutrality, Circular economy, Participatory government, Regional attractiveness and Innovation and growth


Mona Roman


Tuija Toivola


Markku Anttonen

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