Designing future work

Working life is in the turning point and changing inevitably through such drivers as globalisation, climate change, immaterialisation, digitalisation, robotics and migration to name a few. The change does not affect only work and ways of working. Its effects are much wider. It influences work life structures and boundaries, working communities, skill requirements as well as attitudes and values related to work.

It is necessary to reconsider existing structures for education, and perhaps create new policies for flexible, life-long learning. There will be a need for constant and fast development of skills that are required in future occupations.

This is why we as 3UAS (Haaga-Helia, Laurea & Metropolia) want to proactively step forward and create in Helsinki metropolitan area an ecosystem that develops the regions’ and its business’ and individuals’ readiness to future work. Our aim is to build an ecosystem encompassing expert organisations in the field of work life and skills development as well as start up companies, relevant platforms, Labs, networks and municipalities.


Taina Laivola


Sari Heikkinen


Leena Unkari-Virtanen

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