Prosperous person – safe environment

As 3UAS we have chosen a theme A prosperous person in a safe environment as one of the three RDI strategic focus areas that relate to megatrends and Uusimaa-Helsinki region’s current and future needs. We aim at new innovative Research and Development (R&D) projects that will support existing and develop new ecosystems of different actors around the focus area to boost Uusimaa-Helsinki for the future.

A prosperous person in a safe environment includes a goal whereby 3UAS, through its activities, ensures that well-being and safety/security belong to all people in Uusimaa region. Crime, terrorism, pandemics, climate change, natural disasters, job insecurity and the information revolution have reduced people’s ability to interpret world events and change. Thus, social change is manifested in many ways.

 The importance of educational institutions in this transformation is increasing as they learn, build and maintain social balance and well-being / cohesion.

Learn about mutual respect, tolerance, justice, conflict management, means of legal influencing, trust and other attitudes and values that are the foundation of a safe, prosperous society.

The A prosperous person in a safe environment focus area promotes implementation of fundamental rights and legal protection, access to basic services, environmental protection, sustainable use of the environment, internal security, and a healthy and safe living and working environment in Uusimaa region.

3UAS joint projects bring new solutions to complex societal change, both technological and human, aiming to find new solutions through a variety of factors by engaging the interests of citizens, public services and businesses. Involvement of companies in a developing society has a key role to play, and thus joint project activities can also be used to build a new ecosystem in line with strategic goals. This is what A prosperous person in a safe environment focus are is to serve and to achieve.


Petri Tani



Vesa Heikkinen


Eija Raussi-Lehto

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