Strategic Focus Areas

1. A Prosperous Person in a Safe Environment

As 3UAS we have chosen a theme A prosperous person in a safe environment as one of the three RDI strategic focus areas that relate to megatrends and Uusimaa-Helsinki region’s current and future needs. We aim at new innovative Research and Development (R&D) projects that will support existing and develop new ecosystems of different actors around the focus area to boost Uusimaa-Helsinki for the future.

A prosperous person in a safe environment includes a goal whereby 3UAS, through its activities, ensures that well-being and safety/security belong to all people in Uusimaa region. Crime, terrorism, pandemics, climate change, natural disasters, job insecurity and the information revolution have reduced people’s ability to interpret world events and change. Thus, social change is manifested in many ways.

 The importance of educational institutions in this transformation is increasing as they learn, build and maintain social balance and well-being / cohesion.

Learn about mutual respect, tolerance, justice, conflict management, means of legal influencing, trust and other attitudes and values that are the foundation of a safe, prosperous society.

The A prosperous person in a safe environment focus area promotes implementation of fundamental rights and legal protection, access to basic services, environmental protection, sustainable use of the environment, internal security, and a healthy and safe living and working environment in Uusimaa region.

3UAS joint projects bring new solutions to complex societal change, both technological and human, aiming to find new solutions through a variety of factors by engaging the interests of citizens, public services and businesses. Involvement of companies in a developing society has a key role to play, and thus joint project activities can also be used to build a new ecosystem in line with strategic goals. This is what A prosperous person in a safe environment focus are is to serve and to achieve.

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Päivi Mattila

Päivi Mattila, Laurea
Päivi Mattila, Laurea

2. Sustainable Urban Development

It is estimated that the population of Helsinki capital region will grow 25% by the year 2040. Uusimaa region as a whole is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. The immigration has significant role in the population growth.

The growth of population demands new jobs and employment to be able to sustain the welfare mode through tax returns. Companies and municipalities need to renew their ways of working. Circular economy and climate change influence everything.

Helsinki-Uusimaa region offers unique setting for creating and developing urban solutions that are attractive also in the global markets and respond to the urbanisation mega trend.  

3UAS offers thematic platforms for citizens, municipalities, companies and universities/schools to co create urban solutions. We are an active partner in the urban ecosystem, who can apply research into practice. 

Circular economy 
Waste management (construction, plastic, textile) 

Carbon neutrality 
Energy generation & efficiency
Easy and reliable mobility (future mobility choices) 
Sustainable tourism (connection to health and aviation) 
Sustainable food

Quality of life 
Living environment 

Social inclusion 
City planning, how to avoid segregation? 
Democracy (citizen participation in decision-making) 

Innovation and growth 
Innovation ecosystems

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Mona Roman

Mona Roman, Metropolia

3. Change in Work and Skills

Working life is in the turning point and changing inevitably through such drivers as globalisation, climate change, immaterialisation, digitalisation, robotics and migration to name a few. The change does not affect only work and ways of working. Its effects are much wider. It influences work life structures and boundaries, working communities, skill requirements as well as attitudes and values related to work.

It is necessary to reconsider existing structures for education, and perhaps create new policies for flexible, life-long learning. There will be a need for constant and fast development of skills that are required in future occupations.

This is why we as 3UAS (Haaga-Helia, Laurea & Metropolia) want to proactively step forward and create in Helsinki metropolitan area an ecosystem that develops the regions’ and its business’ and individuals’ readiness to future work. Our aim is to build an ecosystem encompassing expert organisations in the field of work life and skills development as well as start up companies, relevant platforms, Labs, networks and municipalities. 

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Sakariina Heikkanen

Sakariina Heikkanen, Haaga-Helia
Sakariina Heikkanen, Haaga-Helia