RDExcellence has three strategic focus area. Every focus area arranges events and workshops. In this page you will find events that are held in 2020. The page is updated regularly.

Sustainable urban development -workshop

When? 4.3.2020 13.00-16.00

Where? Metropolia Myyrmäki

When to sign up? 28.2.2020


Are you interested in building a greener world?

In a sustainable urban development -workshop we discuss ways to tackle climate change, carbon neutrality, circulation economy and social participation.

Join us!

A prosperous person in a safe environment -workshop

When? 6.3.2020 9.00-12.00

Where? Metropolia Myllypuro

When to sign up? 2.3.2020

Join us in a breakfast workshop where we discuss the needs and experiences with our networks. We discuss themes such as

How do we ensure the welfare of population and help people make use of the technological possibilities?

How do we guarantee integrity in the society and promote involvement of different group of people?

How do we make the world safer and healthier?

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